Our Story

Formed in late 2013, Valafar is a death metal band from Bradford, West Yorkshire. Taking influence from artists such as Amon Amarth, Obituary and Entombed, Valafar released their first Demo EP 'Ritual of the Diabolical' in February 2013. Following this, 'Helheim', the first full-length offering from Valafar was independently released in August 2015 and met with critical acclaim. Valafar's second full-length album 'Wolfenkind' was released October 2018. 

'This album is an epic and balanced piece of Extreme Metal that is heavy as hell while being melodic and full of atmosphere. The songwriting and musicianship are both excellent with a really unique sound that I found really enjoyable. Some crushing new material and an epic addition to the UK underground! -8/10' (Nattskog) 

There are eight songs here, not one filler, not one too many to make it a chore. Jumps the longship, raids, gets out leaving a smoking ruin. The guys here have, for me, outdone my wishful ideas. Fist on heart I have genuinely not heard a better death metal album all year and haven’t heard one from the UK anywhere near to this in an age. Really. No hyperbole. Someone like Trollzorn or bigger needs to pick this up for distribution now! This is a coming of age album, stepping up into the shield wall and declaring intentions. Valafar, congratulations. Valhalla awaits. 9/10. (Ave Noctum)

Wayne Jackson - Vocal
Neil C Blanchett - Guitars 
Kyle Moon - Guitars
Nige Mason - Bass
Ben Cook - Drums