Gig Announcement 

Just announced! We return to Nottingham on Friday 5th October at the The Chameleon Arts Cafe. \m/ 
Support comes from Beyond Grace, BLOOD OATH and Thirteenth Sign.


Siege of Limerick 

We are pleased to announce we will be returning to Ireland in October to play at the 20th edition of the Siege of Limerick. \m/


Bloodstock Festival 

We are thrilled to announce we will be playing the Newblood stage at this years Bloodstock Festival! Huge thanks to everyone who has pushed us and supported us at the Bloodstock Metal Forum. See you in August! \m/


We are pleased to release the artwork and track listing for our upcoming album Wolfenkind. Once again created for us by the talented Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design. 

1. Úlfhéðnar 
2. Brotherhood of the Wolf 
3. Path of the Warrior 
4. The Bloody Spoils of War 
5. Shunned from the Light 
6. The Ballad of Plainfield 
7. Odin’s Call 
8. Born of the Nine 

More info to follow soon!


HRH Vikings 2018 

We are pleased to announce that Valafar will be appearing at HRH Viking’s 2018!  Featuring bands such as Turisas, Ereb Altor and Finsterforst. Also playing are bands we have shared the stage with on many occasions Isarnos, Hærken, Ravenage and Sellsword. Pick up a ticket now and make Odin proud!

Yorvik Viking Festival  

We are pleased to announce we will be taking part in the Jorvik Viking festival show next year in York. We will be playing alongside our friends in Isarnos and bands we have previously shared the stage with Sellsword, Ravenage and Sköll. This event sold out last year so buy your tickets early!


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