Our Story

Formed in late 2013, Valafar is a death metal band from Bradford, West Yorkshire. Taking influence from artists such as Amon Amarth, Obituary and Entombed, Valafar released their first Demo EP 'Ritual of the Diabolical' in February 2013. Following this, 'Helheim', the first full-length offering from Valafar was independently released in August 2015 and met with critical acclaim. In 2018 Valafar signed a record deal with Chicago based label Transcending Records, the second full-length album 'Wolfenkind' is due to be released mid 2018. 

'This is wading through blood and guts stuff. Huge meaty riffs and ripping vocals driven on by a thunderous rhythm section. They never fail to raise the energy levels and frontman Wayne’s rabble rousing skills are superb. If you’ve never heard them think early Enslaved and Amon Amarth with that rhythmic Entombed sensibility amidst the feral attack. Brotherhood Of The Wolf, Bloody Spoils Of War and The Ballad Of Plainfield round things out before the brilliant Born Of The Nine finishes us of. It’s like running full tilt into a shield wall. Truly excellent.' Ave Noctum (2017)

Wayne Jackson - Vocals
Neil Blanchett - Guitars 

Kyle Moon - Guitars
Nige Mason - Bass
Ben Cook - Drums