HRH Vikings 2018 

We are pleased to announce that Valafar will be appearing at HRH Viking’s 2018!  Featuring bands such as Turisas, Ereb Altor and Finsterforst. Also playing are bands we have shared the stage with on many occasions Isarnos, Hærken, Ravenage and Sellsword. Pick up a ticket now and make Odin proud!

Yorvik Viking Festival  

We are pleased to announce we will be taking part in the Jorvik Viking festival show next year in York. We will be playing alongside our friends in Isarnos and bands we have previously shared the stage with Sellsword, Ravenage and Sköll. This event sold out last year so buy your tickets early!


Wildfire Festival 

This Sunday Valafar make their debut Scottish appearance at Wildfire Festival. Come see us on the Moshville times stage at 4.10pm!

Siege of Limerick 

Valafar will be heading to Ireland to take part in the Siege of Limerick on the 29th October 2017. Featuring Orange Goblin, Overoth, Two tales of Woe and many more this is an event not to miss!

Manorfest Review 

Great Review of our Manorfest performance from Ave Noctum.

Wayne Jackson was the driving force behind Manor Fest and did an awesome job, not only delivering a great festival but also in raising money for a really deserving cause. As well as running around making sure everything went smoothly, he somehow also found the time for a small matter of fronting Valafar, the next band on the bill, whose pummelling death metal brought a step up in intensity to Victoria Hall. This Bradford five piece have been making real waves in the metal underground with their impressive live performances, and based upon today’s performance this growing reputation is fully deserved with tracks such as ‘The Deviant’ laying waste to an ever growing crowd.

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